Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is Satoshilancer?

Satoshilancer is a services marketplace that connects (`Employers`) to freelance professionals (`Freelancers`). We bring down geographical barriers in a mutually beneficial relationship. Employers save money and get high-quality work, since they will be teaming up with proficient Service Freelancers working remotely at lower labor costs. Freelancers are given the chance to engage in interesting tasks that match their expertise, while increasing their income and worldwide reputation. This is all made possible through this business platform and it takes three easy key steps for both Employers and Freelancers. Employers: 1 - hiring 2 - managing 3 - paying. Freelancers: 1 - bidding 2 - getting hired 3 - getting paid.

Am I an Employer or a Freelancer?

You can work on Satoshilancer either as an Employer or as a Freelancer. Employers post, manage and pay for jobs (`Projects`), which can be assigned to any of the top-quality Freelancers registered in Satoshilancer. Freelancers bid, win and are paid for jobs (`Projects`), maximizing their income, while working on challenging projects and advancing their careers as well.

How much does it cost to become a Satoshilancer member?

Both Employers and Freelancers can register in Satoshilancer for free.

Is Satoshilancer a safe business platform?

Satoshilancer aims at providing its Employers and Freelancers with a transparent and mutual beneficial business platform. For that purpose several features were made available, such as: profile, which allows both Employers and Freelancers to have an insight into the other party's expertise and previous work; dashboard, which enable both parties to keep a close collaboration as work unfolds; escrow and payment system, that is based on payment options such as deposit, withdraw and escrow. By using either one of the payment options, Employers can be sure that they will be paying solely for the tasks completed and delivered, while on the other hand, Freelancers are duly compensated for their hard work. Last, rules were created to bring harmony to this safe business environment. Hence, make sure you carefully read the Terms of Service before starting to work on Satoshilancer.

Do I have to pay any taxes?

If you are an Employer, you are exempt from paying any additional taxes when purchasing a service via Satoshilancer. Nevertheless, if you are a Freelancer be reminded that you must comply with your country's taxation laws and you are responsible for reporting the earnings made through this website.

Can I report violations of Satoshilancer Terms of Service?

Whenever another user is in violation of Satoshilancer Terms of Service, you can report that by filling out a form where you provide all the details of the violation.

Does Satoshilancer offer an affiliate program to earn extra revenue?

If you add the Satoshilancer affiliate link to your website, you can earn whenever someone becomes a Premium Member from that link.

How can I contact Satoshilancer?

You can use the Satoshilancer contact form to request the assistance of the Satoshilancer staff. Be noted, however, that most of the answers to your questions can be found in the FAQ.

What is the feedback/review facility and how does it work?

Once a project is completed, both the Employer and the Freelancer can leave feedback/review on each other, meaning that both parties are given the chance to comment a particular experience and rate the performance of the other party. To leave feedback on a Freelancer, you just have to log in to your account, go to the "My Reviews" area.

Employers FAQ

How does it work for Employers?

Once you become a Satoshilancer member, post a project where you provide all the necessary details. Freelancers will then start bidding on it. Even though Satoshilancer is similar to an auction, it differs in some aspects, as there is no mandatory end date and you choose the winning bid yourself. When the task is successfully awarded to the winning Freelancer, he will begin working on it and you will be able to manage his work using the dashboard available on Satoshilancer. Plus, with the escrow payment system you will pay only for the actual work performed by the Freelancer, neither more nor less.

How do I award a project?

After carefully discussing the task's requirements and deciding with whom will you work with, you just have to follow these steps to award the project to the winning Freelancer: log in to your account, go to the `My Projects` page and in the bid list, click on the `Award` link near Freelancer offer you want to select. It will take you to the corresponding screen where you can award project (if you do not see `My Projects` link, you should change your Account Type to `All` in `Settings` page). The selected Freelancer will then have to accept to work with you in order for the project to be considered successfully awarded. All next steps will be notified thought dashboard.

How do I extend project?

If you want to extend the bidding period or change bidding, please follow these steps: log in to your account, go to the `My Projects` page and in the tools tab, click on the `Extend` link. In the next screen, you will be asked to enter extend information (if you do not see `My Projects` link, you should change your Account Type to `All` in `Settings` page).

How do I edit a project?

Once a project posted, the information that you entered cannot be edited. However, you can attach additional information and/or a file to the original posting. To attach additional information and/or a file to a posting, please follow these steps: log in to your account, go to the `My Projects` page and click on the `Add Details` link (if you do not see `My Projects` link, you should change your Account Type to `All` in `Settings` page).

Can I re-open a closed project?

Once a project is closed, there cannot be more activity on that project. You may, however, post a new project.

What if for whatever reason, the Project fails? Can I get a refund on the fee I was charged?

First, you must lodge a dispute through our Dispute Center. In the Dispute Center, both parties are first encouraged to reach to a mutual agreement. Nevertheless, if a friendly agreement is not reached, our team will analyze the evidences uploaded on dispute board and based on the information provided, we will try to reach a fair solution for both sides. As soon as we get to a resolution, we will get back to you.

How can I communicate with Freelancers?

To discuss the project's requirements with the Freelancers, you can use the Private Message System, by clicking on the `PM` link in the project's page. Note, however, that when communicating with Freelancers there are certain rules to follow under the Terms of Service. So please make sure you carefully read those terms.

Can Satoshilancer guarantee the success of my project?

Satoshilancer provides a platform equipped with the necessary tools to monitor work on a regular basis and develop sound business relationships. Also, full support is offered by our team. On this basis, there are thousands of Employers and Freelancers using our services and there is an almost perfect performance. However, we cannot guarantee the quality of work, since that responsibility is delegated to both parties involved and is up to them to take full advantage of Satoshilancer features in the most profitable manner.

How much will I pay to the Freelancer?

On Satoshilancer, you only pay for the actual work done by the Freelancer, neither more nor less. To ensure that, a suite of work management tools (the `Dashboard`) was created, allowing you to maintain a close control over the work developed by the Freelancer. The `Transaction` in the `My Funds` page helps you keeping a track of the related costs.

How do I deposit money on Satoshilancer?

Currently, Satoshilancer offers their users the Bitcoin deposit. To deposit bitcoin on Satoshilancer, you just have to follow these steps: log in to your account, click on the `My Funds` link, select the Deposit option and follow the remaining instructions.

How do I pay a Freelancer for a Project?

We have payment system which you can use to pay Freelancer. Employer escrow a payment which remains pending until it is released. It is up to Employer to release the milestone payment to the Freelancer's account when and only if he is fully pleased with work done. The `My Escrows` page in your account, keeps a detailed track of all payments that are released to the Freelancer.

When do I have to pay for the job?

We believe that paying upfront is not safe for Employers. Hence, we have created the secure escrow service with the purpose of protecting your welfare. When selecting the winning Freelancer, you are asked to escrow payment, which remains pending until it is released. If both parties decide to stop working together, funds that were not yet released to Freelancer are sent back to Employer. Escrowed funds is released by the Employer himself once he is fully satisfied with work. Employer can keep full payment pending and release it when job is 100% completed to his satisfaction, or he can take full advantage of payment and pay in several instalments. Paying in instalments can be a good option if a project is more complex and requires more time to be completed.

How can I protect my intellectual property (IP) when working on Satoshilancer?

Before actually starting to work on a job, you may ask the Freelancer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), i.e. a legally binding contract whereby the Freelancer promises not to share the Employer's intellectual property, unless proper authorization is given. Be noted that if it is your intention to ask the Freelancer to sign a NDA, you must mention that before awarding him the job, meaning that you have to make that clear when discussing job's requirements with the potential Freelancer.

Can I withdraw money from my account?

Yes, you can withdraw money from your Satoshilancer account, provided that you submit a withdrawal request first. To submit a withdrawal request, you just have to log in to your account and then click on the `Withdraw` link. Currently, Satoshilancer offers their users the Bitcoin withdrawal option.

What is the minimum amount can I transfer to Freelancer?

When you award a project, you are asked to escrow payment, which remains pending until it is released. This will allow the Freelancer to start working on the corresponding task having the certainty that he will get paid for his work. You will be using the escrow payment system either to send a total payment corresponding to the total bid amount or to pay in instalments.

What is the escrow payment system?

To better suit each project's needs, we have created the escrow payment system. The escrow payment system was created with the purpose of protecting your investment as an Employer, since funds are released to Freelancer when and only if work is performed. Until then payment remains pending.

How do I release a escrowed payment to a Freelancer?

To release a escrowed payment to the Freelancer's account, you just have to log in to your account, go to the `My Escrows` page and click on the `Release` link in the `Outgoing Escrows` tab (if you do not see `Outgoing Escrow` tab, you should change your Account Type to `All` in `Settings` page)

What if a dispute arises between me and the winning Freelancer?

Even though disputes are rare on Satoshilancer, they can happen. That is why Satoshilancer has a Dispute system where users can send a dispute. Users are first encouraged to reach to a mutual agreement and Satoshilancer will resolve the issue at a later stage, in case both parties are unable to work out the problem on their own. All logs shall be carefully analyzed to see if the Freelancer has actually worked on your project and has always shown a professional conduct towards you and Satoshilancer.

Freelancers FAQ

How do I bid on a Project?

To bid on a project, you just have to follow these steps: log in to your account, go to the chosen project page, click on the `Place Bid` link and follow the instructions. Make sure to always bid on projects that actually match your expertise to get good feedback and reviews.

Can I update a bid that I placed?

Just click on `Edit Bid` link on project page. Note, however, that if a posting is not open, you can no longer follow this procedure.

Can I cancel a bid that I placed on a job?

Yes, you can. Log in to your account; go to the `My Bids` page and on the tools tab click on the `Remove` link (if you do not see `My Bids` link, you should change your Account Type to `All` in `Settings` page).

How can I communicate with Employers?

In order to assure a safe and healthy business relationship, both parties must conduct communication via Satoshilancer Private Message System. Communicating outside of Satoshilancer before winning/awarding project represents a violation of the Terms of Use. Log in to your account; go to project page and click `PM` link or reply from `My Messages` page in your dashboard.

How do I edit my profile?

Actually, editing your profile is part of the key to succeed on this website. Write an appealing text in your profile and upload an avatar. To edit your profile, just follow these steps: log in to your account, click on your avatar in top-right of dashboard page click on `Settings` link.

How do I change my Account Type?

Log in to your account, click on your avatar in top-right of dashboard page click on `Settings` link and change for `Account Type` there.

How do I win projects on Satoshilancer?

Once you create an account on Satoshilancer, you are advised to edit your profile to make it appealing for Employers. After editing your profile, you may start the bidding process. Starting with small and easy jobs will help you accruing your feedback and then you may try out bigger and more complex tasks.

How long shall I have to wait until I win the first job?

It may take more than just a couple of days to be awarded the first job. Hence, make your profile appealing for Employers and keep placing competitive bids as quitting is not the answer. Once you are awarded a few projects and rating starts increasing in your profile, it shall be easier to win projects.

Where can I find the Instant Chat facility?

In order to use the Private Message System you just have to click on the `My Messages` link, in your Dashboard. You can also access to the PMs, by following these steps: log in to your account, go to the `My Bids` page and in Tools tab click on `PM` (if you do not see `My Bids` link, you should change your Account Type to `All` in `Settings` page).

How is work meant to be delivered to the Employer?

Once completed, work can be sent to the Employer via Email or any other way you wish.

Is there any policy to guarantee payment for a project?

If some problem arises regarding payment, you may contact our Support Center by following these steps: log in to your account, go to the Support page and send form with details. Our Dispute Center will then evaluate your case and determine your eligibility to receive a payment (if Employer escrowed any).

How does payment work on Satoshilancer?

Payment is assured via the secure Escrow Payment System. With this payment system, you are fairly paid for your efforts on each job you are awarded. Moreover, throughout a project's development, you can see the payment in your account in `My Escrows` page (`Incomming Escrows` tab).

What are the payment options available on Satoshilancer?

You can receive your payments wherever you are and it is as easy as submitting a withdrawal request, by following these steps: log in to your account, click on the `Withdraw` link. Before submitting the withdrawal request make sure you have read the information about the corresponding fees.

When do you collect the fee?

When a project is successfully awarded to you, meaning when the Employer selected your bid and you accepted the job as well, Employer should escrow payment for you and fee is automatically applied to your account once escrow released.

How long does it take to receive a withdrawal from Satoshilancer?

Please look at Plans page.

Terms and Conditions FAQ

Where can I find ToS information?

Please look at Terms of Service page.

Can I post contact information?

In order to protect your identity, users cannot request or disclose contact information through Satoshilancer as we provide the Private Message System, which can be used to conduct communication before Project awarded. After winning project you can provide more contacting information such as email, but it is recommended to use PM system.

What sorts of postings are prohibited on Satoshilancer?

Postings infringing the copyright laws or requiring any illegal software, hacking activity or spam tool are strictly forbidden. Also, users cannot advertise/sell a product, service, website or any other thing. Vague postings and partnerships are not allowed either. Last, all postings that correspond to an inadequate understanding and use of the services provided on this website shall not be acceptable.

What happens if I violate the terms of use?

Your account can be banned.

What if I am unaware of a violation I may be committing?

Upon signing up with Satoshilancer, it is your responsibility to understand the terms and conditions of this site. You are asked to agree to them before signing up. Ignorance of the conditions is not an excuse.