I have a series of what will end up being 100 domain names that are each going to have 10 subdomains. Each subdomain will have a (approximately) 500 word "article" describing the category (some maybe can be done in 300 words some may take 700 words)

100 * 10 = 1000 Possible Articles

I do not think any one "company" will be conversant in all the subjects but I could be surprised. You can tell me which ones you are comfortable with as a list of most of the domains is below. You can easily determine the topics from the domain name. Once the 10 sub topics are established the articles will be requested and the bidder or bidders selected.

- All must be original and not copied (will be verified before payment)
- All must be informative and on-topic. Not rambling on just to fill word count.
- All need to have SEO rich keywords incorporated into information and be related to topic
- Paragraph Headers and Headlines are needed but do not count in word total (Sorry)
- Articles become my property upon payment and can not be resold

So you know in advance...from earlier projects many people quote 5.00 per 500 word articles and have sent me examples of decent writing. With the volume of articles I will need, your quote must be competitive.

Please note that all articles will be checked with 2 copy checking sites for originality and you MUST spell and grammar check all articles before submission.

Any article that is copied or off topic or just filler will not be paid for. The bidder and I can decide how we will determine this.

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Wednesday, 8 July, 2020

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